At Peerless Contract, we stand out by our avant-garde designs and by the quality of our products. You can get creative with our broadloom carpets, thanks to our (dye-injected design) technology or our LCL patterns! You simply need to choose the design and colors from our wide selection. Be amazed by your own designs by adding your personal touch to your project. Peerless Contract also offers a wide array of trendy carpet tiles and resilient products. With innovative coloration and designs, combined with the perfect product, your options are limitless!

Flooring Products

From durable and sharp-looking carpet tiles to custom curated broadloom styles, our soft surface product range offers all that you can require to design any space, whether for corporate offices or a hip retail store. The recent addition of hard surface flooring gives you even more versatility in creating an ergonomic environment.

>> Broadloom

>> Modular Tiles

>> Luxury Vinyl

>> Engineered Luxury Vinyl

Market Segments

We understand your needs and offer you quality floor coverings to match your every project. Our broad range of products is perfectly adapted to a multitude of market segments.