At Peerless Contract, our mission is to bring to life innovative products tailored to your flooring needs. As an experienced carpet manufacturer, we have built our brand by creating quality Canadian broadloom and versatile carpet tiles that match the vision of the world’s greatest architects and designers. Now with the integration of perfectly designed hard surface flooring, your options are limitless. Understanding the latest market trends, adapting to the modern concepts and designs of our partners and accompanying them throughout the creative process are the things that have allowed Peerless Contract designers to become true innovators in the art of carpet creation and design.

Hearing and understanding your needs are the cornerstone of our service and allows for unsurpassed and limitless design capabilities when creating your project. With Peerless Contract, the possibilities are endless. Launching avant-garde colors and designs with the very best specifications is key to the success of our product offering.


Flooring Products

From durable and sharp-looking carpet tiles to custom curated broadloom styles, our soft surface product range offers all that you can require to design any space, whether for corporate offices or a hip retail store. The recent addition of hard surface flooring gives you even more versatility in creating an ergonomic environment.

>> Broadloom, Modular Tiles, Luxury Vinyl, Engineered Luxury Vinyl

Market Segments

We understand your needs and offer you quality floor coverings to match your every project. Our broad range of products is perfectly adapted to a multitude of market segments.


Green Initiatives

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that environmental progress can only be achieved through rethinking our relationship with the world and contributing to the conservation of our natural environment. We are continually striving for greater efficiency from renewable resources, such as water, in order to reduce greenhouse gases as well as our carbon footprints. We reduce, recycle and reuse raw material and waste to provide a better tomorrow for future generations.

Energy Sources

We use hydro-electricity and natural gas as sources of energy. Clean energy that does a world of good to everyone!


Waste Management

We have implemented plant-wide practices which redirect all cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, yarn, sheer lint and industrial wastes for reuse or recycling, keeping more than 80% of it from landfill.


Water Consumption

We have introduced a growing assortment of fashionable carpet styles manufactured with solution-dyed nylon in order to significantly reduce the water, chemicals and energy required in the usual carpet dyeing process and decrease our greenhouse gas emissions.


Electricity Consumption

We have retrofitted lights in our manufacturing plants with high-efficiency fluorescent tubes and perform ongoing upgrades to the equipment and processes to maximize efficiency.