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K12 - Higher Education

Students are the future of our society and providing a comfortable learning environment is essential for their success and pursuit of their goals and aspirations. Peerless Contract offers a variety of floor covering solutions such as commercial carpet, modular carpet tiles, acoustic wall‑to‑wall floor coverings as well as resilient flooring products. Our commercial carpet and modular carpet tiles provide a quiet work space for students to study and learn. Our luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and engineered vinyl planks (EVP) have antimicrobial and waterproof characteristics along with sound‑deadening qualities that work well in areas where additional durability and acoustic traits are required.


Property Management & Tenant Improvement

Peerless Contract offers Property Managers a flexible product line of commercial carpet, modular carpet tiles as well as a full range of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and engineered vinyl planks (EVP). In addition, we also propose modern colorations and styles that will enhance your tenant space, all at competitive pricing levels. We offer modern and stylish standard products along with the possibility to create a special look with custom style options at no additional costs. We create a visually harmonized workplace that will attract and retain your clients in small to mid-sized commercial office spaces. 


Multi - High Rise

Peerless Contract always strives to provide the best innovations of the industry by offering sophisticated, great-looking and high-quality products. Add value to your building by creating  that  "wow" factor that your customers will love. Thanks to our broad range of products, you can feel free to let go of any clichés and stand apart from your competitors.



Today’s office workplaces are evolving around the comfort of their employees and their clients’ needs. With rapid new technology adoption coupled with shifting demographics within an agile and ever changing business model, your flooring requirements need to be adapted. Business workplaces need to create spaces that foster performance by providing retreat areas and a new ambiance in the contemporary work environment.  All this requires a mix of floor covering materials that create a harmonious look as well as a sense of wellbeing in today’s modern workplace. Look for Peerless Contract’s floor covering options to create that flexible space.



Selecting the right design and color for any flooring product will have a direct impact on the image your brand projects. Design and color helps to create the ambiance that develops customer loyalty to your brand. Every guest that walks through your door should feel at home for a day, a week or whatever period they choose to stay. Our flooring products can help create that sense of place that generates a memorable guest experience. Our specialized hospitality products from carpet and modular carpet tiles as well as our beautiful selection of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and engineered vinyl planks (EVP) flooring will help your facility become that destination place. 



In retail, it has been proven that a space that creates a great ambiance engages customers and becomes a destination of choice that inspires your clients’ overall shopping experience. Create that perfect shopping experience with the many different floor covering options from carpet, modular carpet tiles,  luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and engineered vinyl planks (EVP), rubber and cork flooring as well as acoustical wall-to-wall coverings that will perform flawlessly in your retail space. 



At Peerless Contract, we support the transformation happening in the government workplace today with products that meet and exceed employee needs as well as all environmental requirements.  Our products embody environmental and performance specification characteristics that provide ROI value for your clients. We meet CRI's Green Label Plus IAQ standards, third party certifications, along with Floor Score certification ensuring our products are safe and will perform to your expectation. Peerless Contract is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of commercial floor coverings with a long history of being a trusted partner for this segment.



Peerless Contract believes that design principles in creating a healthy healing environment is based on many decisions. The calming power of a soft surface material helps reduce noise levels and provides a reduction of injuries that are related to falls. Resilient products such as our luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and engineered vinyl planks (EVP) that are antimicrobial and waterproof help create the healthy home ambiance. Peerless Contract has flooring solutions that will meet and exceed your requirements. 


Senior Living

Today, many of our seniors are looking for different options beyond owning their own home. Differing physical and emotional needs directly impact where one chooses to live in comfort, safety and to experience a new chapter of life. These spaces need to be vibrant and functional not only for residents but for care givers. They need to be an aesthetically pleasing space that both energizes and soothes the resident. The flooring that you choose must be durable and easily maintained to support the diverse needs of this segment. Peerless Contract has been a part of these solutions for decades with proven product performance. 


Public Spaces

The public places where we gather and that we use together form who we are and reflect the values of our communities. Our products will enhance interior spaces of facilities such as community halls, convention centers, airports and libraries.  Choose a Canadian company who can provide the right commercial flooring options for your interior space that will create a meeting place for all.