Behind every one of your projects, there is a dedicated team of designers that work hard to put their experience at your service. Let’s get to know them!


nancy dusseault

Nancy is a graphist; she performs the final step in every custom order. Her eagle eye examines every detail making sure they are exactly right, with a view to ensuring conformity of the entire project. Her resourcefulness is an invaluable asset to the team. An active nature enthusiast and history buff, Nancy likes to travel the globe and visits art galleries for leisure.  


marie st-cyr

Marie is a designer with a very active day-to-day work, letting her creativity guide her. She is adventurous and driven by challenges, which totally reflects her personal life. Co-owner of a dairy farm, she always tries new things, such as running a marathon, nothing less!


johanne viens
textile designer

Johanne’s varied educational and professional experience led her to become an accomplished textile designer… and writer in her free time! Ever curious, her adaptive capacity enables a comprehensive vision of all projects. Her motto: “Creativity is endless”.


michelli chiliga
textile designer

Michelli is a designer with a professional background in textile design in her native country, Brazil. It was during her Bachelor in Fine Arts that she discovered her passion for surface design. She pursued that passion after establishing in Canada with her family. Her son is the most precious thing in her life. She loves a design with a clean and refined look.

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diane harnois
senior technician - research and development

Diane is involved in all stages of the carpet creation process, from the very beginning of the research to the final product. Involved in the products' technical development, adjusting the mechanical settings on the tufting equipment, creating patterns for the graphic and multi-textured loop products…. this is Diane's day-to-day work. A fan of nature and Pilates, she also calls herself a perfectionist.

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isabelle pellerin
designer and technician - research and development

With her background in fashion and textile design, Isabelle loves to put her creativity forward when creating tufting and printed patterns. Inspired and passionate, she expresses herself in a way that is sometimes sweet, sometimes bold. Nature, which she particularly loves, often influences her in her creative impulses.