The patterns featured in this collection portray the energy and creativity that define the art of circus.



The Architek collection is inspired by mathematic and geometric concepts.

Art de vivre

A fusion of raw material, nature and abstract art, this collection evokes an unsuspected purity.



Beyond takes its inspiration from avant-garde architecture, where technology, art and fashion
come together as one.


Compelling and graceful, this Italian infused collection will seduce you with its textural effects and tranquil blend of elements.


Elegant yet festive, created for such important moments in our lives.


Fifty Shades

Into the depths of your fantasies and back into the light.

Haute Couture

Created and tailored to dress your spaces with style.

Midnight Purpose

A poetic starlit night in the heart of the city; modern, elegant, strong and intense.


Mirror Image

Infinitely expressed through endless colors, shapes and energy.

Murano 2.0

Nestled in the Venetian lagoon, is a colorful and unique island called Murano. Cozy nest to artists who perform a particular form of art; the art of blown glass.


Walking through the forest, mesmerized by the faint whispers of the unknown.


Urban Graffiti

Graffiti, a splash of the soul in an unlikely place.


Vintage Modern

A visual voyage between past and present, evoking a distant memory of a faraway