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Beauty is in the flexibility!

Our dye-injected design process is what allows you to create whatever your imagination leads you to, making the result very unique. Get the highest degree of customization. The only limit is your imagination!


Why choose

  • Manufactured in North America (Canada)

  • Unlimited design and coloration options

  • Choose up to 12 colors

  • Quick turn-around production (4 to 6 weeks)

  • Delivery across North America

  • Made from 6.6 nylon fiber for higher performance

  • Pattern repeats in multiple formats

  • Anti-soil and anti-stain technology

  • Resistance to fading under sunlight



Provide your color selection from our Pom box, or we can also match colors from any existing samples, Pantones, paint chips, fabrics, etc.

New design

Our designers can create a variety of design options based on your inspiration.

Existing pattern modification

We can modify our existing patterns in order to change their dimensions, shapes or textures. To choose an existing pattern, please consult our lookbook or our featured collections.


Get a look at the final results!

The Chameleon tool allows you to recolor patterns using colors from our pom box and to visualize our products ( patterns, running line carpets, carpet tiles and hard surface) from an existing room scene or upload your own room picture. The Chameleon tool will then generate a CAD image you can use in your project!

We can provide you with a CAD image showing the pattern and the color palette. Also, in order to better visualize the design, we can create a room scene in the environment of your choice either from a photo you provide or from our image bank.


Additional services

  • Planning and Estimating: We provide the service of seaming diagrams and estimating quote outlining all carpets and quantities required for your project.

  • 2D mapping: We can also provide a 2D mapping (flooded plans) to demonstrate how the selected patterns will look in the project. It's not only simple, it's quick!

  • CAD and 2D mapping: 24 hours up to 7 days

  • Samples: 5 to 7 business days

  • Custom print orders: 4 to 6 weeks